Everyone and their mother is on Facebook these days. This certainly isn’t news to anyone with an internet connection. If you are a business owner or decision maker, you should definitely be paying attention.

In today’s climate, it’s not enough to simply have a website and consider your online marketing taken care of. You need to be proactive with the major social networks in order to make your dealership’s online strategy to flourish.

If you are not actively using social media in your marketing strategy, you’re essentially leaving money on the table.

When it comes to social media, Facebook is still the king. With over 2 billion active users around the world, to say that Facebook is important is an understatement. With all these active users, Facebook is an opportunity to drive leads to your dealership.

The statistics don’t lie. Social media is now a crucial tool for businesses and individuals alike. We have been over the importance of havingyour dealership on social media, and Facebook is a great place to start.

Facebook is arguably the most influential social network there is. As such, it’s important to realize that you can use the network to promote your dealership. Especially for showcasing your inventory. Here are a few ways your dealership can use Facebook to get more leads.

Add Inventory Sales Tab

The inventory-sales tab is one of the best tools available to dealerships across all forms of social media. This tool allows you to take the entirety of your inventory and upload it to your dealership’s Facebook page.

This means that people on your Facebook page can view your dealership’s inventory without ever leaving your page. People like simple. The fewer steps a potential customer has to take, the better.

This allows potential customers to browse your inventory without leaving Facebook. It’s all about cutting out the steps people need to take in order to see their inventory.

The more times you can get your bikes in front of people, the better. While you cannot guarantee that these viewers will amount to leads, you can improve your odds.

Use Messenger To Interact With Your Audience

Customer service is the cornerstone of effective communication between dealerships and their customers. In addition to online marketing, social media can also be an excellent customer service tool.

Facebook messenger is one of the most common methods customers get in touch with a company. Providing real-time customer service is a high-value commodity. Not only is it good customer service, but it’s expected by many. In fact, a lot of customers actually expect a response within an hour.

Here is where you can meet their expectations when it comes to customer service inquiries. Every single person who reaches out to your page is an opportunity to lure them into your door.

Positive customer service can lead to countless opportunities. Studies have shown that 75% of people will post something positive about your company is you make meaningful social media interactions.

It is essential that whoever is handling your company’s social media be trained in customer service. Customer service interactions via Facebook are becoming more and more common. You need to be ready for any potential questions or complaints that your audience may have.

Utilize UGC

UGC or user generated content is much more than a trendy buzzword. Sharing content like photos, videos, and testimonies can be a great way to highlight yourself as trustworthy in the eyes of your audience.

People generally trust other people when it comes to doing business with a dealership. If potential customers see other people sharing their experiences on social media, it bodes well for your reputation!

Social media is one of the best tools for promoting your own content. It’s also a goldmine for utilizing content from your customer. Facebook allows you to share pictures of your inventory and dealership taken from other people.


Continuing on the line of customer trust, not much can beat a good amount of customer reviews and recommendations. Strong testimonials from your customers are a goldmine for a business.

A lot of potential customers are going to do some online digging before they head over to your dealership. One of the ways for people to find out about your business is to look up the company’s Facebook page.

Feature Bikes For Sale

Getting your motorcycles in front of new eyes is always the goal when it comes to advertising your bikes. Facebook is an effective medium for this type of visual advertising.

By posting your motorcycles to your Facebook page, you are essentially bringing your showroom to social media. Content, they say, is kind. In this case, your content is your inventory.

One strategy for Facebook is to post pictures and dealership news at least once a day. You can do this once a day or multiple times. Consistency is key when it comes to social media strategy. So make a social media plan and do your best to stick with it!

Run Facebook Specific Ads

Facebook is an important tool for both organic and paid content. It’s an unfortunate fact, but social media’s organic reach is continuing to fall year after year. What does that mean for business owners? To put it simply, you’re going to have to pay to play.

When it comes down to it, you are going to have to create a combination of both paid and organic content for your social strategy. When it comes down to it, paid and organic reach are equally important.

Facebook ads are great because you can hyper-target them to reach a specific audience. Designing specific ads with the goal to bring in leads can be an effective tool to add to your overall strategy.

Use It For Contests & Giveaways

People love free stuff. They also love winning. Creating an online competition can be one of the best ways to get others to engage with your Facebook page.

One of the most engaging interactions for social media is contests and giveaways. The specifics can be left up to you. A few general rules are to keep it simple and encourage engagement.

Have contestants like, comment, or share in order to be considered to win. This will promote engagement and get people interacting with your page.

Facebook As A Tool

If you’re not using Facebook to promote your business in 2019, you are missing out. There’s just no way around it. Stop with excuses as to why you’re not on it. With the vast majority of internet users also being Facebook users, the odds that your customers are somehow the exception are slim to none.

If your dealership is not utilizing Facebook, then there is a massive audience that you are missing out on. Creating an effective Facebook strategy can be one of the best methods to drive leads to your site.

People these days want to know about a business before they step through the doors. Facebook is an especially effective tool to make this happen.

Reach Out

If you are considering using Facebook for your marketing goals, congratulations! You’re one step closer to tapping into the potential of a huge social network. Reach out and we will be happy to discuss your dealership’s opportunities for Facebook marketing.

If you have questions regarding social media services for your dealership, feel free to reach out! Contact us to speak to a representative about how we can help your dealership with your digital marketing strategies!

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