An online newsletter can be an effective tool to add to your dealership’s marketing arsenal. Most business decision makers know email marketing is one of the most popular outlets for companies to tell their story. Adding a newsletter to your on-going email marketing strategy can be a great way to boost your dealership’s overall marketing efforts.

Creating a newsletter is a fairly straightforward process, and most people can set one up even if they have little to no design or coding experience. Whether it’s keeping your clients up to date or showcasing your dealership’s employees, the benefits of a newsletter are numerous. Read on for our take on why your dealership should have an online newsletter.

To Establish Your Business As A Leader In The Industry

We know that when it comes to the motorcycle industry, you know what you’re doing. You have the experience and expertise to run a motorcycle dealership, and this gives you some authority in the industry.

Establishing your business as a source of useful information will help you cement your role as an authority in the industry, and help to portray your dealership as an industry leader. It’s important to make sure that your audience knows this. Having a dealership newsletter can be a vessel for sharing what you know and have come to learn about motorcycles and the industry at large.

Customer trust is an invaluable currency in the motorcycle industry. By establishing yourself as an expert, you have the ability to further your brand’s trustworthiness in the eyes of your customers and potential customers. Conveying useful information in a clear, consistent message can do wonders for your brand’s overall reputation.

What information you choose to divulge can vary of course. One idea is to create a section of your newsletter devoted to frequently asked questions about purchasing a motorcycle. Or you can share some riding tips, maintenance suggestions, road trip routes, whatever information you believe your target audience could benefit from.

You can make your newsletter as detailed or as concise as you’d like. Just make sure it is clear, consistent, and informative. Doing this on a consistent basis can be a fantastic way to establish your dealership as an industry expert and gain the trust of your audience.

To Get Your Name In Front of People On a Consistent Basis

Everyone has heard the old cliche “out of sight, out of mind”. Turns out, it isn’t just some meaningless throwaway phrase. It also applies to your business and to your brand identity. To grab and keep your target audience’s attention, you should always be finding new ways to get your name in front of them.

It can be monthly, bi-weekly, or even weekly if you’d like. All that matters is you keep it consistent and informative. When you’re sending out a newsletter, you’re not only showing off your dealership and marketing yourself, but also providing your audience with information that is relevant to their interests.

You Can Keep Your Clients Up To Date

Every business knows the importance of timing. When something is happening at your dealership, you want to be able to keep as many people up to date as possible. Whether it’s a new, limited time promotion you’re running or an upcoming event taking place at the dealership, you always want to keep people up to date on current events surrounding your business.

When you have news you need to spread, having an appropriate vessel to convey your information can work wonders. Having a newsletter is a superb method of conveying important information to your target audience in a timely fashion.

They’re A Way To Deepen Your Dealership’s Branding

Branding is vital for successfully growing your business. Creating a newsletter can be a great branding opportunity for your dealership. Having your dealership’s logo, colors, and general style portrayed through a newsletter can introduce your company’s brand to a wide audience.

A strong brand is essential for a successful business, and creating company newsletters are a wonderful way to increase your brand’s presence. Newsletters are a vehicle for expressing who your dealership is and what you are all about.  

They’re An Opportunity To Tell Your Own Story

Every single business has its own unique story, and people connect with each other through stories. You may even be doing this already with your social media strategy. If you’re looking to broaden your reach, your company newsletter can be the perfect accompaniment to telling your dealership’s story.

By highlighting the more personal pieces of your dealership’s history and culture, you are creating a more personal connection with your target audience. Chances are your customers want to hear more about who you are as a company. As any good businessperson knows, you have to give the customers what they want!

They’re An Excellent Customer Relations Tool

You want to keep in touch with your clients even after they have gone through with their motorcycle purchase. After all, customers have friends who ride and word of mouth is one of the best forms of marketing. Plus, a few years down the line they may come to you looking for a new bike.

Having a newsletter created with your clients in mind can help keep them in your orbit long after their initial visit to your dealership. You can even use your newsletter as a way to solicit the opinions of your core customers. Ask them to message you their opinions on current trends in the motorcycle world, or put in a quick poll about which make/model is your favorite.

This will make the customers feel as though they are part of a conversation, rather than feeling like they are just being sold to. A well put together piece of content has a way of appearing as a two-way conversation, rather than shameless self-promotion.

Having Your Own Dealership Newsletter

From pure branding purposes to creating a comprehensive company narrative, newsletters can be a great method to connect with your target audience and build your brand.

Have you had experiences creating company newsletters? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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